Closed subpage for Patient-Data-Discussion

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In this video we show you how you can access our subpage for collecting patient data on JIA. You can go directly to that page by using the following button (and the username and password we mailed you):

If the video is to slow or you want to run it separatly, here is a link to download it:

Download Video 1280x720 HD (315MB)

Founding a society

In 2010 three colleges from Norway, Tore Björnland, Tore A. Larheim and Björn Ögaard , called for joining forces in TMJ Research. So euro(TM)joint was founded as a international network. euro(TM)joint stands for European interdisiplinary network for research, diagnostics and treatment of craniofacial anomalies in Juvenile Idiopatic Arthritis patients (JIA). The name of the network has been changed from Eurojoint to euro(TM)joint.

Meetings since then were held in:

2010, Zürich, Switzerland (Organizer: Traudel Saurenmann)

2011, Kiel, Deutschland (Organizer: Nikolay Tzaribachev)

2012, Utrecht, The Netherlands (Organizer: Michael Steenks)

Four working groups has been established with clinical and/or gen-environmental leaders:

1. Etiology, immunology and molecular biology (leader: open)

2. Diagnostics, examination and imaging (Leader: Tore A. Larheim, Norway)

3. Treatment (leader:Thomas Klit Pedersen; Denmark)

4. Guidelines and policy statements (Leader: Marinka Twilt, The Netherlands)

5. Website development (Leader: Joachim Weber, Deutschland)

Members of euro(TM)joint please enter here.